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What are the benefits of Waggin' Tails Doggie Day Care?

In addition to getting exercise and having fun, there are many physical, emotional, and mental health benefits from day care which result in a happier and healthier dog. Our fun, structured, safe, and predictable play environment allows dogs to appropriately expend their energy, develop solid social skills, use all of their senses, and also enjoy much-needed rest times. Dogs are usually tired after their day with us, and a tired dog is less likely to exhibit undesirable behaviors at home, such as chewing, barking, digging, anxiety, and accidents in the house. You should notice a much calmer, balanced dog after a day at Waggin’ Tails.

Can I take a tour of your facility?

Yes! We welcome you to call ahead and schedule a tour with us. We love showing off our awesome facility!

Will I be picking up a muddy, dirty dog on rainy/wet days?

Not a chance!! We provide free dog rinsing! All dogs are rinsed indoors in warm water and towel-dried on rainy/muddy/wet days before being picked up.

Do you accept puppies?

Yes! Puppies must be at least four months old and have the required vaccinations (Distemper/Parvo, Bordetella, Rabies) or be in the process of completing the vaccinations. Our stable, balanced, enriching environment is a great place for puppies to have fun while learning proper socialization, building confidence, and burning off energy.

Do you accept senior dogs?

Yes! Because of our large play areas, senior dogs can find lots of quieter places to comfortably rest and observe the action from a distance while still being a part of the pack. For those seniors who are still active, they can enjoy exploring and roaming our 2 acre play park at their own pace, as well as interacting with other happy, friendly dogs and loving team members.

Do you accept dogs with special needs?

Yes! The owner of Waggin’ Tails is a licensed veterinary nurse, and all team members are experienced with deaf dogs, blind dogs, diabetic dogs, and dogs recovering from certain surgeries or injuries. Because our structure results in a predictable environment, these special dogs tend to excel with us. Due to their unique circumstances, special-needs dogs will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

**Dogs of all ages and ability levels must first pass our free, required behavior evaluation prior to starting day care.**

Do you accept all breeds of dogs, including "pitbulls"?

Yes. We do not breed discriminate. All dogs accepted into our program have been professionally evaluated by us and we have determined that they safely meet all of our requirements. If at any time a dog fails to meet our requirements and training cannot solve the issue, we ask that dog not to come back. Our primary objective is safety of our dogs, and we are dedicated to maintaining it.
(There are times when we aren’t accepting certain breeds simply because our current pack composition for that specific breed is at maximum capacity. We try to maintain a balanced pack at all times.)

How long does your behavior evaluation last and why does my dog need it?

Behavior evaluations are free of charge, and they are typically done in the mornings. We ask that you please allow about 30 minutes for this initial process, and then plan to leave your dog with us for an additional three hours. During this time we are assessing your dog’s behavior to ensure that our environment and pack are a good fit for your dog, and vice versa. The behavior evaluation process is a vital component to keeping your dog safe. You will receive a detailed report at pick-up about how your dog did, and how much fun they had with us.

What if my dog does not pass the behavior evaluation?

Our environment is very stimulating and is not the right fit for every dog. In the event your dog does not pass our behavior evaluation, we will provide you with a list of alternative options to explore.

My dog has never been to your facility. Can I just drop him/her off?

For the safety of our pack, we require a free behavior evaluation prior to starting day care, which must be scheduled ahead of time. Introducing your dog to our pack and environment in a slow and controlled method allows us to screen out any behaviors that may potentially be unsafe or disruptive to your dog and/or our stable pack, and it helps us make sure your dog will have a good time appropriately enjoying our environment. In some cases, the behavior evaluation can be done on the same day as the first day of day care. Please call for further details.

Are the dogs supervised during their play day?

ABSOLUTELY!! We do our best to maintain a 10 to 15 dogs per 1 team member ratio, so dogs are closely supervised 100% of their time with us. All team members are experienced in reading dog body language, and knowledgeable in facilitating appropriate dog interaction and behavior.

Do you allow the small dogs to play with the big dogs?

Yes! We do have the ability to separate the pack into playgroups if needed, but most of the time the dogs are all together as a congruent, stable pack. Our large, 2 acre play park provides plenty of space for dogs to spread out into their own zones. Some of our closest dog friendships are between a big dog and a small dog, and we enjoy fostering this appropriate social behavior.

Is day care safe for my dog?

There are inherent certain risks in any environment that includes dog socialization and physical interaction. Waggin’ Tails maintains the highest standards of cleanliness and safety, but cannot remove 100% of the risks that exist in a dog facility. We do, however, pride ourselves on having an exemplary safety record.

Do the dogs ever fight?

Our dogs are sweet, loving pets most of the time, but we must remind ourselves that underneath their cute fuzzy exteriors, dogs are animals that operate on their basic natural instincts. Sometimes when triggered, these instincts can create reactivity in a dog which can result in a fight. All of our team members are experienced in reading dog body language, and knowledgeable in facilitating appropriate dog interaction and behavior, allowing us to prevent almost all fights from ever starting. Fights and whether or not they are grounds for permanent dismissal are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

What if my dog gets sick or injured while at day care?

The owner of Waggin’ Tails is a licensed veterinary nurse, and all team members are trained in basic first aid and CPR. In the event of illness or injury, we attempt to contact you first and proceed from there. Depending on the circumstances, we may ask that you or someone you designate come pick up your dog, or we may take your dog to the vet. You are responsible for any veterinary expenses incurred.

Can I visit my dog on my lunch break?

An owner coming in before they are actually ready to take their dog home often causes confusion and anxiety in their dog. We want your dog to have fun and relax while with us, so we try to discourage mid-day visits.

Can I bring my dog's toys or other objects to day care?

We ask that you please leave your dog’s personal belongings at home, and we encourage him/her to play with our toys and enrichment obstacles. This helps keep any potential object possession behaviors at a minimum, which in turn results in a safer pack environment for all dogs.

What if I am late picking up my dog?

Our late pick-up policy is $1 per minute after 6:05 PM. Please call us as soon as you think you are going to be late so we can make safe after-hours care arrangements for your dog.

Can my dog stay overnight at Waggin’ Tails?

At this time, Waggin’ Tails has City zoning for day time care only. Please call us for overnight care references and options.

My dog didn't get along with the other dogs at your facility. That must mean s/he is a bad dog.

False! We understand that our environment is very stimulating with lots of activity and sensory experiences. For some dogs this is too overwhelming, and causes them to behave in ways that are unsafe to them and not conducive to our stable, balanced pack. Some dogs are genetically unable to be safe in our environment, while others simply don’t like the active, social environment and are perfectly content at home by themselves. For other dogs, success in our day care program simply requires more training, maturity, and social experiences. Dogs that fall into this category are asked to work on strengthening these skills for a time period, and then come back and try us again. Many dogs have been successful doing this and are now wonderful members of our pack.

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We strive to provide a safe, fun, balanced, and enriching experience for all dogs.

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