Welcome to Waggin’ Tails!

Waggin’ Tails is located at 8516-D Auburn Blvd. in Citrus Heights, CA, and is in the same plaza as Subway and Java Detour. We are conveniently right off of I-80 and on the Roseville border. We offer both outdoor and indoor play spaces for the dogs. We believe a dog’s healthiest, most balanced, and natural state is to be outdoors, so we spend a majority of our day outside in our beautiful and private, fenced 2-acre play park. Numerous mature shade trees, covered structures, enrichment obstacles, and dog houses are located throughout our property, providing lots of areas to play, explore, and rest, as well as lots of bird and squirrel-watching opportunities. For the water-loving and water-curious dogs, we have splash pools out year-round, and sprinklers and a misting canopy on during warmer weather. We also offer 2 active group extended play sessions with toys daily.

During wet weather or on muddy days, we offer free dog rinsing! All of the dogs are rinsed indoors in warm water and towel-dried before they are picked up. Many dogs, especially the working, sporting, and herding breeds love to be outside regardless of the weather, and we believe a little rain or mud should never stand in the way of a dog having fun and good times outside!

In addition to our beautiful outdoor play park, Waggin’ Tails also offers 1200 square feet of climate-controlled indoor play space for dogs to enjoy. While inside, dogs love lounging on beds, cots, and dog-friendly furniture, playing with toys, and hanging out with each other. We prefer to spend most of our time outside, but will come inside as weather, outdoor, or overall pack behavior conditions indicate.

No matter where your dog is at in our facility, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that s/he is safe, having a great time, and receiving lots of love and attention from our dedicated team of professionals.