About the Owner:

Andrea Cermak owns and operates Waggin’ Tails Doggie Day Care. Andrea has had many experiences to prepare her for operating her own business. She has been a state board-certified licensed veterinary nurse since 1995. She was also a licensed EMT and firefighter, working in Butte County, CA for 2 years. Prior to taking over the business in 2005, Andrea spent 4 years teaching science, social studies, and English to 7th and 8th graders at a local junior high school. Andrea has a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies with an emphasis on science. She also has a California professional clear multiple subject teaching credential with CLAD emphasis, an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts, and an Associate of Science degree in Animal Health Technology. Andrea’s true passion had always been dogs, and the experiences gained from her previous professions, along with her love for dogs, has allowed her to create a fun, safe, enriching, family-style environment to improve the lives of dogs and their people.
Andrea is the proud dog-mom to two wire-haired dachshunds, Buzz and Moose. In a roundabout way, Buzz is who led Andrea to Waggin’ Tails before she became the owner. The previous owner of Waggin’ Tails also bred and raised dachshunds, and when Andrea came to meet Buzz she also fell in love with Waggin’ Tails. This story has a true happy ending…the girl gets the business AND the dog! Buzz and Moose are actually father and son, and have been coming to Waggin’ Tails since 2005. Andrea loves the fact that every day for her is “bring your dog to work” day, and so do Buzz and Moose! And even though she left us unexpectedly in 2009, our girl Emmy is with us too, happily watching over all of the dogs having a great time playing and enjoying life at Waggin’ Tails Doggie Day Care.