Waggin’ Tails has been providing loving , professional care to dogs and their people since 2005. We look forward to welcoming you and your dog into our family!


At Waggin’ Tails, dogs big and small enjoy exercising, socializing, and playing in our safe, structured, and fun environment. Our large natural outdoor area provides endless fun with toys, splash pools, climbing structures, dog houses, and other happy, friendly dogs and dedicated professionals.


At Waggin’ Tails, we spend most of our day outdoors in our 2-acre private fenced play park, which provides lots of open, natural space, perfect for playing and exploring. Dogs enjoy romping and relaxing in the fresh air, soaking up the sunshine, and using all of their senses to explore our large environment.


At Waggin’ Tails, dogs learn appropriate social skills and practice basic obedience throughout their play day while also having lots of fun. Our structured and balanced environment is the perfect place for shy or anxious dogs to learn confidence, active dogs to learn how to appropriately expend their energy, social dogs to learn how to make even more friends, and all dogs to learn how great it feels to be part of a stable, balanced pack.