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"Andrea and staff treat my dog as if he were there own. He absolutely LOVES to go to Waggin' Tails!" ~Tony's Dad


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Welcome to Waggin Tails!

At Waggin’ Tails Doggie Day Care, all dogs, big and small, enjoy playing in our private, fenced 2-acre outdoor play park complete with toys, trampolines, splash pools, climbing structures, dog houses, and other happy, friendly dogs, and dedicated professionals. We routinely work with a dog trainer to provide a balanced and natural play experience for every dog. We also practice basic obedience commands with the dogs throughout their day and reward the dogs with some type of positive reward (praise, toy, treat, etc.) to keep training fun. Should the weather turn inclement, we also have 1400 square feet of climate-controlled, indoor play space for dogs to enjoy.

If your dog is bored, lonely, in need of more exercise, acting out at home, or just needs to have fun with friends, then Waggin’ Tails Doggie Day Care is the perfect place for him or her! If you need to run errands, take a day trip, or need the dog out of the house, then Waggin’ Tails is your answer! While your dog is at Waggin’ Tails, you can have peace of mind knowing that he or she is having a great day with friends, and will be tired, fulfilled, and happy when you both reunite.

About Waggin Tails Doggie Day Care

Waggin' Tails has been providing loving care to dogs and their people

since June 2002!

Doggie Day Care.... What's All the Howling About??

Other than the obvious fun that dogs have at Waggin' Tails, there are also many health benefits to doggie day care. Your dog will be a much healthier, happier dog as a result of day care. S/he will expend energy during the day, satisfying his/her need to run, chew, dig, bark, play, and socialize with other friendly dogs and humans. Energy expenditure and play create a happy, tired dog who is less likely to exhibit undesirable behaviors at home. Day care also provides dogs with plenty of opportunities to socialize and make friends with other nice dogs, which is a vital part of the pack animal's life. You should notice a much calmer, balanced dog after an experience at Waggin' Tails Doggie Day Care.


Doggie Day Care Things to Know

When dogs first start day care at Waggin' Tails, it is important to be aware of some things. First of all, dogs perform most of their activities "barefoot". If a dog is not used to a lot of "barefoot" activities, his or her pads may become red, tender, sore, or irritated until the pads toughen up. Keep an eye on the feet until the dog becomes used to "barefoot" life! Dogs may also experience muscle soreness, just as you would if beginning a new exercise program. Dogs play with their mouths and feet, which can sometimes result in minor scratches or punctures. If we notice any minor skin injuries, we promptly clean the area with hydrogen peroxide or soap and water; you should do the same at home.

In the event a dog becomes seriously ill or injured, we immediately try to notify the owner. If we cannot reach the owner, the dog will be taken to a veterinary hospital, and we will continue to try to contact the owner.


**Waggin' Tails celebrates doggie birthdays with parties. We also celebrate most major holidays with some type of party or fun activity. Dogs like to party too!!



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Tip of the Month

Foxtail Grasses

The warmer weather is starting to dry out the grasses, and foxtails are turning from green to brown. Foxtails are insidious stickers that sort of resemble wheat, and can work their way inside a dog's body and wreak havoc. Dogs most commonly get foxtails in their nose and between their pads and toes. Make sure to check your dog thoroughly after walks where foxtails grow. If you notice your dog sneezing blood or chewing at a specific spot on their body, get them to their veterinarian. It's best to avoid foxtail areas.