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Welcome from Waggin' Tails


"Every day at Waggin Tails is a great day for Sammie! Andrea and the rest of the staff are amazing with the dogs! Lots of activities, exercise, attention, and friends!" ~Sammie's Mom


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Welcome to Waggin Tails!

At Waggin’ Tails Doggie Day Care, all dogs, big and small, enjoy playing in our private, fenced 2-acre outdoor play park complete with toys, trampolines, splash pools, climbing structures, dog houses, and other happy, friendly dogs, and dedicated professionals. We routinely work with a dog trainer to provide a balanced and natural play experience for every dog. We also practice basic obedience commands with the dogs throughout their day and reward the dogs with some type of positive reward (praise, toy, treat, etc.) to keep training fun. Should the weather turn inclement, we also have 1400 square feet of climate-controlled, indoor play space for dogs to enjoy.

If your dog is bored, lonely, in need of more exercise, acting out at home, or just needs to have fun with friends, then Waggin’ Tails Doggie Day Care is the perfect place for him or her! If you need to run errands, take a day trip, or need the dog out of the house, then Waggin’ Tails is your answer! While your dog is at Waggin’ Tails, you can have peace of mind knowing that he or she is having a great day with friends, and will be tired, fulfilled, and happy when you both reunite.

Top Dog

PA300225 This handsome boy is Jimmi, a 9 year old Golden Retriever mix. Jimmi has been coming to play with us for about 7 years now. He is one of our best watchdogs, keeping our outside play park free from any intruding cats or squirrels! When he's not busy patroling, Jimmi enjoys lounging on the trampoline, hanging out with his friends, and getting special loves from us. He is an incredibly intelligent, sweet dog and we enjoy having him as such a special member of our pack.


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Tip of the Month

Warming weather means flea, tick, and sticker season! Keeping your dog on a consistent, regular preventative flea & tick program is imperative to keeping him/her healthy. Fleas and ticks can make dogs very ill. Foxtails can cause nasty, expensive-to-treat infections. Make sure to check your dog thoroughly after outdoor activities, paying special attention to armpits, ears, head, neck, face, and feet, as these are popular places for these pesky critters & stickers to hide.